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18 November 2020 @ 03:47 pm

Super Duper Contact Post!

Want to contact me or talk to me about anything? This is the place to do so, my friends! Comments should be screened and anon enabled and all that. If you'd prefer things to stay screened, just let me know.

My roleplay accounts are all listed here, or somewhere below this if you're viewing this entry from my main journal page.

Don't be shy about using this post, either. I'm totally up for talking with anybody, whether it be about cats, Nosepass, or things I'm doing wrong. :D

LOOK AT THESE POKEMON man I need to start playing this game again
25 October 2020 @ 07:59 pm

Blu's Roleplaying Dudes

As you would expect from a title like that, this is a list of all the characters I roleplay as. Egads! o:

Characters in games will be listed by the date they got in the game. Dressing room/misc accounts are listed by the dates they were first created, aside from paired accounts (such as Leaf and her team).

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Last updated: 1/2/11
04 October 2012 @ 08:24 pm
once again I have neglected my duties to update this!! Though of course it doesn't really matter anyway, but y'know, it's nice to keep a record of nice things.

- We read Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart, and it was pretty interesting! I definitely knew of him, but I don't remember reading any of his works before. Anyway, we actually had to read it out loud, and while everyone else was all "nooo why" and stuff, I think I did a crackin' fine job at it. It's funny because I am normally the quiet person, you know? Anyway, I had a lot of fun with the reading, and then Jim let me type up a kind of review/opinion of it.

- It turns out that they have the student kitchen food thing almost every day? Or so it seems, they had it on this day and today (Thursday) as well. I was really happy to see that they have cheese and onion toasted sandwiches, those are just the best things.

- I think I worked very well for the rest of the day!

- I finished a cover picture for my Sculpture work, of the Moai heads. Nothing too fancy, but it looks good.

- I had a really good chat with the taxi lady, I think that was really nice.

- I Skyped with Inika that day and that was really fun, hahaha. He is starting to get revenge on me for tormenting him with Sayaka (sayak his anime wife) oh nooooo.

- We did Sculpture with Mike! He is a really chatty person, it's interesting hearing what he has to say about stuff. Anyway, we made stuff with rolled up newspaper tubes. I'd done some similar construction thing with straws in the previous college year thing, so I had an idea of what to do, and I made a cool pyramid thing that stood up on its own and was awesome. Fun work!

- Cheese and onion toasties again yesss

- Since I got a new bag which is bigger and more fab, I was able to bring an extra thing in the form of a book I hadn't finished. It was great to sit and read when there wasn't any work, I haven't had much time for reading throughout the year.

- In IT I did some pretty excellent write-ups of today's and previous days' work, and sorted everything into my folder neatly. It feels great to get good work done. :D

Good days!

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02 October 2012 @ 07:44 pm
MAN I have been so exhausted that I didn't update for Friday at all. In any case, here is a quick recap of good things!

The tutor wasn't in on that day and the replacement, Jim, didn't really know what to do with the subject, so I guess that day was just one big kinda-party. We had some music up on the projector whiteboard thing, I drew a Mami Tomoe on A3 paper (now displayed on my wall), and it was pretty great! It's good to have days to just kind of chill, hahaha.

Something I did not expect was that the college do a tuck-shop type thing on Fridays. I completely forgot! But luckily I had enough money for a slice of chocolate cake, and that was really sweet and delicious. :D I must REMEMBER to keep bringing coins for future occasions.

I can't remember too much about the day by now, but I must've coped pretty good. I think we went to the cafeteria early, so it was quieter at first than it would've been otherwise. Jim complimented me on my use of a limited palette for that Mami picture, and since David (a bud of mine who is an artist) was also there, I got my tumblr art tag on the whiteboard and showed them around. It's a good thing none of my work is super nsfw, although there are a bunch of ridiculous doodles and shirtless men, hahaha. They didn't seem to mind too much, and it was great talking about arty things.

- We had a FITNESS CENTRE induction!! I got worn out quickly, but I reckon going on the machines every week will be pretty dang good. I kind of wish we could go there more often! (one day I will be buff nosepass lady)

- It was uncertain if a cooking lesson would actually happen, but it did! Just pizzas though, but it happened. The sad thing was that there were no onions for my fine pizza (I love onions on pizza), which meant it was pretty plain, but I got first dibs on the cheese, heeheehee. Mine was apparently the best-looking, so I'm proud of that. :D I didn't eat it, but I brought it home with me to eat in what will be a probably pretty soon manner.

- I let David have a look through my iPod, saying that he probably wouldn't recognise a ton of stuff (I'm mad into Touhou arranges and video game music). My predictions were correct, but it was all good fun, and he listened to an orchestral arrange of Septette for the Dead Princess and liked that.

- Pizzas don't take too long, so I did a write-up about the lesson and positively BLAZED through it. I write a lot in a short time if I know what I'm doing, everyone was kind of amazed at it.

- This isn't really a positive thing, but it's a thing I'd like to remember about this day: one of the students, Ben, is transferring to a different college and a different course. It'll certainly be more quiet in class which is a plus for my noise sensitivity, but man, it's sad to see him go. Hopefully he'll do super excellent at the new place!

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27 September 2012 @ 09:59 pm
whoa late update!! I will try to keep this brief (key word: try)


- Today was my first time being in a sculpture lesson! We looked at and discussed different sculptures from throughout history and went over the three methods of creating them (modelling/moulding, carving, and assemblage). It was a recap of last week's lesson (which I couldn't attend), but still, new and fun stuff!

- we got to make things!!! out of TINFOIL!! It was interesting to me going in with my knowledge of clay stuff and trying to adapt my skills to a somewhat more limited form. Anyway, I made some pretty neat dragons. :D

- IT lesson was also good, my college computer account thing is set up now and I also know how to send e-mails to my account from at home. We all just did write-ups about the stuff we did yesterday and today. Mike (the tutor) was mighty impressed with my work, I reckon!

- I doodled an okay Ichirin, based on the magical girl one I want to finish sketching digitally here. It wasn't anything too special, but I had a bit of fun drawing her, and it was also cool putting some rough colours and then adding yellow highlights. Just those bits of yellow made it look super good.

Also, this is unrelated to college, but I've doodled a couple things here at home for my buds. It's been fun seeing the reactions thus far (since they're a bunch of their favourite characters and stuff), and I look forward to more. hhehehhehehhhehehhehehhehehehhehehehehe

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26 September 2012 @ 06:02 pm
okay so TODAY has easily been the best day so far. Not much competition, I know, but still!


- Taxi in the morning was a different person, but the driver was a nice lady! She was very friendly and chatted to me while she was driving. There was just one other dude in the front seat, but he was sleeping. Anyway, I like being in the taxis, I can just listen to my music and chill for a while. Oh yeah, it was a pretty fancy car as well, very nice-looking and comfortable inside.

- Arty sub teacher was in again today for Maths/English, his name is Jim. He decided to let everybody do creative writing, and he let me doodle in order to get ideas because my art seems to tell a story by itself, haha. He also commented saying he can see elements of how I draw my artwork in my handwriting, which is kind of neat.

I have trouble concentrating when it's noisy, but I got four paragraphs done. Everyone was saying that it's looking pretty good!

- I handled the noisy break/lunch break parts of the day pretty excellently! I bought some chips and a diet coke. Man, the cafeteria's chips are good.

- My ID card was ACTIVATED today, meaning I can open the little glass security gates by putting it on the reader thing. I'm finding it oddly fun, hhehheheheh.

- I participated well in the lessons thereafter! One was where we were split into two groups and had to have sticky notes sent back and forth asking questions and answering things in order to arrange a party (with food). There were some funny moments (like me asking in one of the notes if the staff were invited, and also doing a couple ridiculous doodles).

The rest of the stuff involved asking questions that can only be answered with yes/no. The tutor gave us a kind of riddle that we had to solve like this, and then afterwards we played the game where you think of a celebrity and other people have to guess it. Everyone thought I was thinking of a Pokemon but in reality it was Brian May, hahaha.

Anyway, I feel like that all kind of helped me feel more relaxed with the other students again. It can only be a good thing!

- I was alone on the taxi home because of somebody having not attended. The driver just let me listen to my music, but when she did talk to me she was very nice! When the taxi drivers come over to open the taxi doors for me I shake their hands, and it just feels great being polite and having cool peeps for drivers.

So yep, that was my day! and when I came home there was a double Dangan Ronpa update and a Gunnerkrigg Court update yessss

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25 September 2012 @ 06:24 pm
whoa dang look at me using a JOURNAL again

Hi guys! I haven't used livejournal in what is probably years now, and importing all the old dusty stuff over to dreamwidth and keeping the old dusty stuff on LJ where it is and not doing much about it yet still cross-posting... well, I guess it's pretty silly! But needless to say I cannot be bothered with cleaning things up and I don't know when I will be.

I just want to write down somewhere some positive things about each day, because I'm starting a year at college and it's pretty rough stuff. this will be my POSITIVE CORNER no butts allowed

so without further ado here is positive things about today!

- I handled catching a taxi to the college and back pretty remarkably! Even when everything was super-cramped with the other students, one lady was eating crisps and the other dude had the window fully open. Wind blasting in my face and the sound of crisps crunching normally deeply wound me but it was surprisingly okay.

- I did super well in the actual lesson segments! I answered questions and participated which was very great, I assisted with the cooking and chopped the hell out of some meat (the chopping was fun) (hhhehehhehheeh), and then I did a mighty fine write-up about the cooking.

- Sub teacher commented very nicely on my doodles! I wasn't feeling too impressed with my artwork at that point, so that was incredibly nice. I think he may actually specialise in art/be in the art department, whoa whoa.

- I got up at 7AM and handled a day and didn't die.

it is a work in progress but I shall FIGHT

oh and P.S. for the peeps who do not know I am normally hanging around tumblr nowadays. That shall be all!

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18 March 2011 @ 11:04 pm
The How's My Driving? Meme

The "What I've always wanted to tell you" Meme

memes!! MEMES

I drew something yesterday. I'm pretty happy with it! :D
16 March 2011 @ 10:45 pm

I got both the games and the special Black Reshiram/Zekrom DSi on the 4th, but since that was a friday and I was staying at my aunt Linda's house, I didn't see any of it until the 5th. And here I am now!

I'm currently just after the 4th gym on both games. I love so many of the new Pokémon that at the moment I have ten guys on both my teams. o: Just kind of rotating them and picking out specific ones for where the situation best calls for them (not using my Dewott or Swoobat for the Electric gym, for example). I'm afraid the number will only continue to rise as I progress, haha.


Oh man!!!!!Collapse )

look at me blabbing about my Pokémon!

I'm really enjoying the games so far, if you couldn't tell. :D awesome Pokés all around and Bianca is adorable and the gym leaders do helpful things and oh man. The game has a very distinct kind of feel to it, and something about the areas feels like Kanto again. Like... it's just really homely. And I can't wait to catch even more of the new dudes.

I don't have any photos at the moment, but my two clay Nosepass are all finished and glazed and sitting on my desk and I'm really happy with them. ;w; One of them is very agreeable - he nods whenever you push his nose. Not a mechanical feature, just him wobbling.

I love staying at Linda's house and I can't wait to do it again. It's so much fun! Video games and ice cream with smarties and movies and man. :D
23 January 2011 @ 03:18 pm
It's my birthday today! And that's about it.

I haven't really gotten much, but I'm just happy anyway so it doesn't matter. :D Quick list of things I did get, anyway:

- A pack of mini chocolate cakes from Louise! Not Aunt Louise, but Louise who I see every Friday. They're Thorntons ones, so clearly they're not as good as Palmer ones. Yaaaaay old meme.
- Cute cat moneybox from Louise!
- Two books from Louise! They seem interesting from the blurbs. She really didn't have to get me all this stuff, awwww.
- Money from various people! I got about £42.
- There is a chocolate gateau waiting for me. o:

I will also be getting something from Granny later on, but I don't know what it is. I just gave her a list that included several video games and a Snivy plush, so... I guess we'll see!

Another happy coincidental event is that my Reimu application was good enough to get in at gargleblasted. :D And then Res (player of the Yukari there) got her a paid account! So now I can have more Yukari/Reimu icons than I possibly need. I've also gotten a few presents from people on deviantArt. I'm just seriously floored at how generous people can be, hahaha. ;w;

I haven't been updating much, but I've been going to my Aunt Linda's house quite a bit and playing Luigi's Mansion. Actually, did I ever mention that we had a sleepover there? And we watched THE PHAAAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA and that was pretty great. Honestly, getting to see Linda is always a present in itself. Her house is so cosy!